Yesterday wasn’t something special. Just another boring day in my coming-to-end vacation. I was surfing Facebook, seeing people send their best wishes to the women they love, they care about. I didn’t send any. The thing is, when you love someone, you should show it everyday, not dumping them all the time and say some bullshit wishes on some days.. So mother, sister and my little girl, i always love you, just never said that.

Lately at the night i chatted with her, it was me who started the conversation.. That was a short one, because i didn’t want it to last any longer. Just wanted to tell that i’m still thinking, caring about her.. I should have said that I gave up, when there wasn’t anything to do.

Yesterday was football-day. My favourite FC met a Spanish Club at home stadium.  But their performance was a disappointed one. It seemed like the players didn’t have desires to win, as if they were the champions already.. I hate that thinkings..

Another disappointment was a movie named 50/50. That was the biggest exageration ever. What’s wrong with IMDB’s voters ?  They voted this shit 8.0, a impressing mark for any kind of movie genre. The Movie is a story of a young man fighting against his cancer disease and how he’d found the love of his life by having the disease. ” I have cancer, let’s get laid” – most ridiculous thing ever. I’d never trust the IMDB again. Or this kind of film just isn’t my type.

That’s all. No, not all. Yesterday I also achieved something new in my one year and a half plan.

Boring day, not much to tell.


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