It seems like i only have time for this blog in weekends. My statement was “write it daily” but it’s easy too do. I’ve been busy with many things these days.

Just finished a part of my mechanics’ homeworks, i felt a little stressed and hoped that writing a new blog-post could give me some relief. My last post was about my life, bullshit, i don’t want to continue.. These days I’m just tired of my expectations, of what i’m being involved. I’m running many errands, non of them seems like it’d become better. I feared that all of them will one day fail. Then i’ll have nothing. It’s like playing “lotto”, you gotta have all the right numbers.. aye, one day i’ll have it all, or nothing..

My mom told me that i should reconsider about my future job. A civil engineering usuallly works in remote area, that means far away from home. And the work conditions are bad, you may have to work under the sun’s heat, rains, and live in unhygiene places.. These sound reasonable. But i’m not gonna change my mind, i won’t regret of what I’m doing, the way I go..

Another uncomplete post, whatever, i’m bad with writing things, even in my mother tounge.


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